Chapter Eight: A Final Rumination

17 04 2008

I’ve started working through everything that I remember and I’m beginning to see a path. I think Sara was right when she felt we’re being given clues through our dreams that lead to the treasure. Nothing more is coming back to me, so unless I have more dreams (it’s been awhile now) let’s hope there’s enough here to piece together some sort of answer that leads to, well, something.

One last note: in Earl Schall’s epitaph (see chapter 2 post) he misspelled “steal” as “steel.” I’m wondering if one of the five graves has a person (or maybe the treasure) buried in a steel coffin… in that case, who? From my memories I remember at times mentioning a person buried in canvas, a wood coffin, an empty grave, and someone without any casket at all… just bones in dirt. So if the 5th person IS buried in a steel coffin, then which one is it?


Brief Memory Fifteen

17 04 2008

I now remember the other thing Sara whispered to me: the person who worked at the college was buried next to the person who died at 42.

Brief Memory Fourteen

17 04 2008

I had a very weird dream last night: it was like I was having a dream about having a dream. In the initial dream I was at the graveyard looking for the set of five Schall graves but I couldn’t find them. And then I awoke — or thought I did, as I was still dreaming — to find Sara at my side whispering to me. I was so happy to see that she was alive and okay that I hardly remember the things she told me. Here’s one fact I do remember:

She said that from her dreams she remembers that, “the white marble grave lists the person buried there died at the age of 49.”

Chapter Seven: Sara, if You’re Reading This…

17 04 2008

I want to hope for the best: that you’re just missing and not… well, you know. Maybe you’re just off doing another location scout in another country and that’s why I haven’t heard from you in the last month. I’m worried. My therapist thought it would be healthy to write to you, even if I can’t contact you directly. I wonder what else you know: what other clues do you have that I’ve forgotten from the dreams?

Brief Memory Thirteen

17 04 2008

The grave for the person who worked at the college was buried next to the person who was buried without a casket — just bones in the ground. That gives me the willies.

Brief Memory Twelve

17 04 2008

The grave for the person who worked in theater died at age 53.

Brief Memory Eleven

17 04 2008

Abe was buried next to the stone square grave. I can’t remember the name on it though. I think that accounts for all five types of headstones: the stone square grave, the rounded stone grave, the white marble grave, the block on the ground, and the cross.